Gas Cooler HBG 3620 U type

  • Gas Cooler Tubing > “plug” 90%, after descaling tubing 100% “unplug” (normal)
  • Specific descaling system > INJECTION SYSTEM by TUBE by SAB technician team
  • Temperatur reduce > 160˚C to 90˚C

Inter Cooler Main Engine

  • Overheat problem (inter cooler ), after descaling, reduce temperatur > fuel efficiency
  • Descaling duration only 8 hours (manual work 24 hours)


Reduce Temperatur
  • INLET from 24˚C to 19˚C
  • OUTLET from 21˚C to 12˚C

Walls Air Handling Unit (AHU)

  • Descaling process > 3 way valve modification system by SAB Technician team
  • Reduce Temperatur from 22-23˚C to 19 -20˚C

Cooling Tower

  • Descaling duration only 3 hours
  • After descaling > increase water debit

Air Compressor High Pressure

  • Reduce Temperatur from 190˚C to 170˚C
  • Before descaling > unplanned shut down (overheat)
  • After descaling > normal temperatur, no more unplanned shut down



Condensor Ship

Cooler Compressor

Before after cooler compresor water in & out

Descaling Kurose Spiral Heat Exchanger

Engine Cooler Ship

Oil Cooler Ship

Plate Heat Exchanger (PHE)