Heat exchangers in many manufacturing facilities are very crucial in everyday operations. Heat exchangers are designed to transfer heat in the form of kinetic energy from one liquid to another. And while transferring heat, the heat exchanger, over a period of time will collect lime, scale and rust on the waterside of the exchanger.

With Dynamic Descaler, you do not have to dismantle or remove the unit from your operations. You may want to install a system, which will inject Dynamic Descaler into your water supply on a regular basis for your cooling tower, chiller, or your closed loop water system. This procedure will eliminate downtime in your everyday operations while cleaning out your exchanger.

If you intend to clean only the heat exchanger, you still do not have to dismantle or remove the exchanger from your operations.

Please refer to the Chart on the following pages for the proper amounts of Dynamic Descaler to use and the recommended circulation times.

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