• Herewith we inform that PT Sigma Artha Bahari already finish perform Gas Cooler HBG 3620 (U Tube Heat Exchanger) and HBG 3680 (Straight Tube Heat Exchanger) by using their sophistacated technology – individual tube injection – invented by PT Sigma Artha Bahari. The method used is a combination between high efficiency Dynamic Descaler plus high effectiveness individual tube injection method which substantially reduce cleaning time. The cleaning result is satisfying, the cooler scale can be removed effectively

    Mulyanto Maintenance Superintendent, Star Energy

  • A scale removal trial utilizing a product termed “Dynamic Descaler” was conducted at the West Seno – FPU on February 5th 2008.
    Based on the visual results from the trial, >95% of the scale was removed within 2 x 2 hours of circulation time using 100 liters of Dynamic Descaler. Further scale removal in the FPU water treatment system utilizing Dynamic Descaler should be considered.

    Syamsudin PT MI Indonesia, Chevron's Contractor

  • Herewith we satisfy to inform you that PT Sigma Artha Bahari has already finish chiller PHE no.1 and 2 with chemical Dynamic Descaler at PSD Preform Manufacturing PT Coca Cola Amatil Indonesia Cibitung Plant with good result and increase PHE performance in supporting Husky Injection Molding machine

    Satriyo HS ME Manager, Coca Cola Amatil Indonesia

  • “We first learned of Dynamic Descaler a few years ago. We were using another descaler that worked but was too expensive. David sent us a sample of Dynamic Descaler, and we immediately saw that it worked just as well and was more affordable.”

    Walt Dorn Southern Paper Company

  • “This product is real safe. All you need is a pair of cloves and safety glasses, and you’re good to go. It’s also safe in terms of using it to clean things like condensors and heat exchangers. I have had the same set of 15 pumps for more than five years. Dynamic Descaler has never damaged a single one.“

    Bill Carpenter Accurate Marine

  • We are extremely pleased with the performance of Dynamic Descaler. We have cleaned all the air cooler with very fast turnaround times and the performance of the motors have improved with more efficient cooling resulting from the usage of Dynamic Descaler.
    All winding temperatures have also dropped by 25% and end. Users are extremely happy with the overall performance of the product.

    Paul Ganeshwaran Workshop Manager Siemens, Industrial Solution & Service – Malaysia

  • We had an experience to clean up our equipments, such as chiller, PHE, cooling tower and water tank with Dynamic Descaler (DD), and the results are satisfactory. We found that DD is faster, simpler and more efficient during the process cleaning with less man power compared with our previous way.
    Previously, we cleaned up using other chemicals with the help of hard specific tool. We believe that this exercise could lead to damages of the equipment itself. After using Dynamic Descaler, we don’t need to worry regarding equipment damages, and the result is satisfactory.. In addition, our chiller temperature shows better condition with 7-8 degree Celsius compared with the previous condition with 9-10 degree Celcius.

    Dhanang Engineering, Unilever

  • Herewith inform you that PT. SIGMA ARTHA BAHARI has already finish to do BELLIS AIR COMPRESSOR, CHILLER, HUSKY INJECTION MOLDING, EVAPCO at Citereup Plant PT. AQUA GOLDEN MISSISIPPI and PT. TIRTA INVESTAMA ( DANONE GROUP ) with good result and satisfying.


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